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Letterpress Printing Plates

We’re here to provide Letterpress printing plates in KF95 and KF152  (unexposed or ready to run) for the letterpress community in the UK – worldwide too! For prices see our Plate Price Calculator. We have a complete mounting base system including mounting tape and we stock Van Son Rubber Inks.

Fast, crisp and easy running with perfect results. You’ve dreamed about it, now it’s here. We offer full technical support, we will get you printing.

Our letterpress printing plates are made from photopolymer and supplied by Toyobo of Japan.  We stock them in 2 thicknesses, the KF152 and the KF95 with KM95 coming soon for printers with magnetic bases. The plates fit straight on to our Chase base, available in our store, come supplied with a sticky mount, just peel and stick and first class post to all mainland UK addresses is included in the price.  Click here to read more about our 152 plates and here for our 95.


Letterpress Printing Plates and Chase base


Type High Blocks

You don’t have to have a chase base to use the ever popular KF152 Letterpress Plates for your printing. We can use the KF152 plate and mount it on a block type high so that you only have to pop it into your chase and print away.

  More information on our blocks can be found here.
Letterpress type high blocks




Not every letterpress printer has access to a hot foil machine or wants to.  Instead you can use a very fine metallic bronzing powder to lift metallic ink which can sometimes look a little dark and flat on an uncoated board.  When applied to a wet ink and then dusted off, you are left with a lovely sheen of shiny metal on top of your ink.  Silver, Gold and Copper are now available through our store here.  If you need any advice on how to use them please do get in touch.  Just look how lovely they are in the little sample below…

If you’d like to find out more, just have a read of our Letterpress Bronzing page

Letterpress Bronzing Powders

Plate Price Calculator


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