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Letterpress Printing Plates – Photopolymer

We’re here to provide Letterpress printing plates in KF95 and KF152  (unexposed or ready to run) for the letterpress community in the Worldwide, although we mainly focus on the UK. For prices see our Plate Price Calculator. We have a complete mounting base system including sticky mounting tape and we stock Van Son Rubber Inks, No.1 Printers Ink and lots of other consumables and toys, all for letterpress.

Fast, crisp and easy running with perfect results our Toyobo Photopolymer plates are great to print with. We offer full technical support, we will get you printing.

Our letterpress printing plates are made from photopolymer and supplied by Toyobo of Japan.  We stock them in 2 thicknesses, the KF152 and the KF95 , foil/plastic backed and also the KM95 and KM152 printers with magnetic bases. The plates fit straight on to our Chase base, available in our store, come supplied with a sticky mount, just peel and stick and first class post to all mainland UK addresses is included in the price.  Click here to read more about our 152 plates and here for our 95.

Here you will find more specific information on the Letterpress Polymer Plates which we use for all of our printing and plate making. If you are looking for something more specific in relation to our Photopolymer printing plates from Toyobo please ask away, drop us a line at info@lymebaypress.com

KF Photopolymer Plate Data Sheet

Data Sheet / MSDS For Toyobo Photopolymer Printing Plates For Letterpress

The Plate Making Process for Letterpress Polymer Plates

A General Description Of The Plate Making Process And What’s Involved

Supplying Artwork for Letterpress Photopolymer Plates

All the information you need for supplying perfect artwork for your plates

Toyobo Printight Brochure

General Specifications Of The Toyobo Printight Photopolymer Plate Range

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