Letterpress Printing Today

What We Do….

Mainly, we make photopolymer plates for letterpress printing, but over the years our plates have been used for many things, from sign making, braille and silver jewellery making. Because first and foremost we are printers we know what you need to to produce the best work that you possibly can. This has lead us, over this time, to add things that we thing will only help and enhance your printing experience.

You can get the Chase base and Type High Roller guages amongst other things through our store and of course there of lots of inks, from the vegetable based No. 1. Printers ink to the the mainstay of lots of print rooms, Van Son. We’ve made sure that our inks are available in tubes and small tins as well as 1Kg tins for the large press room.




We aim to be a one stop shop as much as we possible can to help save you money by having to buy large amounts of a single item and to help reduce postage costs.

Click on the titles below to get more information on the things that we think will be of use.