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KF95 Letterpress Printing Plates



KF95 Letterpress Plates

The KF95 Polymer Plate is now available in the UK and you can purchase them through this website.

Post Exposed Plates (Imaged & Ready To Run)

If you would like to order post-exposed plates , letterpress polymer plates, (imaged from your art-work) then you can calculate prices using the price calculator then email plates@lymebaypress.com with your artwork, where we will send you back a neg proof, once approved we go ahead and make your letterpress polymer plate.

Unexposed Plates (Raw Material)

If you want to order raw unexposed materials to process yourself then you can do that here. We offer various pack sizes to try and make this as viable as possible for any body wanting to bring more of their print process under their control. Click here to go over to our store…

Help & Advice On Working With Raw KF95 Polymer Printing Plates

If you need advice on working with Polymer plates whether using a mechanical unit or hand processing then you can always get in touch.  We also have lots of detailed information in our Here to Help section.