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So you want to emboss… good for you!  Embossing is one of the simplest ways of adding decoration to your print projects with your press.  The nature of embossing on a letterpress printing press means that you will always have to blind emboss, no ink, it gets in the way.  But first lets clear one thing up, embossing means that you will be pushing your design through from the back of your board or paper to create a raised design on the front of your work.  The opposite, the deboss, is when you ‘push’ your design into your board, just as you do with our normal relief letterpress printing plates.

Here, at Lyme bay Press, we have now created a process which means that we can create Embossing pairs, both the male and female dies are created with a KF95 plate, the male is mounted on your platen after you have the female, polymer part, in position on your press.  have a look at our youtube channel to see how best to set up your press.

We have compiled a couple of PDF’s for you as well, to help send us the correct artwork, it’s a little different to normal plate artwork, you need thicker lines… and the second PDF walks you through setting up and then using your embossing plates.

So You Want To Emboss… – So you want to Emboss

Setting up the plates – Using your Embossing plates