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Letterpress printing plates


Here you will find more specific information on the Letterpress Polymer Plates which we use for all of our printing and plate making. If you are looking for something more specific in relation to our Photopolymer printing plates from Toyobo please ask away, drop us a line at info@lymebaypress.com

KF Photopolymer Plate Data Sheet

Data Sheet / MSDS For Toyobo Photopolymer Printing Plates For Letterpress

The Plate Making Process for Letterpress Polymer Plates

A General Description Of The Plate Making Process And What’s Involved


 Supplying Artwork for Letterpress Photopolymer Plates
All the information you need for supplying perfect artwork for your plates


Toyobo Printight Brochure

General Specifications Of The Toyobo Printight Photopolymer Plate Range


KF Polymer Plate Processing Guide

The All Important Processing Guide Included With Raw Material Plates When Shipped