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Halloween L Letterpress Plates


Not everyone who prints letterpress uses a treadle or machine platen.  We know we have customers who use the L Letterpress set up and run them through desktop presses, like Cuttlebugs, Xcut and Sizzix.  We also know that not everyone has the time to sit down and develop designs in a hurry, so we’re hoping to take some of the rush out of getting plates made by having pre-designed plates that you will receive all ready to use.

Our sheets of Letterpress Printing Plates are 148x210mm in size and contain lots of designs relating to individual events.  Such as birthdays, weddings, birth announcements, halloween and Christmas to name a few.  We will be adding to this polymer plate collection as time goes on.  All plates will be supplied with sticky mount on the reverse, ready to mount in your machine.  Just cut the photopolymer our using scissors and off you go. These plates are also not for exclusive use with the L Letterpress printing set up, feel free to use them on your Adana and Heidelberg too.

The plates are made using our ever popular KF152 Photopolymer Letterpress printing plates and also come supplied with runners, strips of plate to make your inking easier….


You look after your pre-designed letterpress printing plates in the same way as the big printers look after theirs.  After use, we recommend wiping down with a water miscible press wash, available through our store, or a good clean rag, pop the sheet back on to the sticky mount and then pop it back in bag.

The cost of each set of plates will be £25.00 including first class post, all you have to do is supply the paper and ink and off you go.


Halloween Letterpress Design