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Hello, we’re Lisa & Ross and we’re Lyme Bay Press. This year is our 10th year of owning this lovely little company but we’ve been been making plates for some lovely people and printing for even longer.


Ross has a background in marketing and helps out in the plate room when he can. Lisa has been printing letterpress since 1996 and this led to making plates for in house use initially in 2005. We then parnered with the original owners of Lyme bay in 2009 and the client list has grown since then.


We took over Lyme Bay Pres in 2014 and as well as supplying plates, inks and other tools for letterpress we are determined to be here to help and encourage the letterpress community. We are now lucky enough to send our plates all over the world and as the first and main company in the UK to offer the Toyobo KF152 Photopolymer printing plate as well as other Toyobo offerings we feel that we have the knowledge and dedication to continually support new and older printers alike.

Lisa and Ross Lyme bay Press


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