Letterpress Printing Today

Lyme Bay Press has been making Letterpress plates for many years now and we ship all over the world to printers large and small.  Polymer Printing plates have been a welcome addition to the letterpress printing community due to the freedom it gives you over your work.  There are no limits to fonts or images, just send ove your artwork and we’ll make a plate.

Lyme Bay Press was founded to meet the clear need within the letterpress community in the UK for an equivalent make ready system to that developed by our good friends in the States, Boxcar Press. Many have found the cost prohibitive with shipping and it was impossible to get the sought after 1.52 polymer plates here.

We’ve now developed the full package (including plates) and our mission statement is to provide it as economically as possible to other working presses in the UK and Europe. We’re all die hard letterpress fanatics here (is your press a she? You’re probably a fanatic too…) committed to the letterpress revival.

We’ve been a working press (before taking on LBP) for many years bringing our expertise in the letterpress art form to a variety of client sectors, we also offer a full range of commercial letterpress printing services.

Company Details:
Lyme Bay Press Limited

Hemington, New Road
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Tel: +44 1983 472090

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VAT Number: GB320330074

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