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Type High Blocks

Here at Lyme Bay Press we have started to produce type high letterpress printing blocks using our Toyobo KF152 Pholotpolymer plates.

These are a natural progression to our printing products and plates currently available and will enable many printers,

who still use hand set type to incorporate imagery and non standard fonts into their own designs and are of course are suitable

for printers who do not possess one of the Lyme bay Chase Bases.

After much research we have sourced a water/chemical resistant MDF board which we have produced to the correct height to enable

us to mount our standard deep relief KF152 plates. Designed to come up to 0.918”, type high, they will drop straight into your chase

and you will be ready to begin printing.


Letterpress type high blocks



We are currently in the process of updating out plate price calculator in order to offer the option of having your plates mounted type high.Until this is complete we will be charging for the type high blocks as detailed in the example below.
We’ll be charging the cost of the plate, as normal through the plate price calculator, then we take that size in cm sq and charge it be0.5p per cm sq to get the cost.
More than one block at the same time, there will be a 50p cutting cost, all plus VAT.Then there’s the postal cost, this will be with Royal mail Small parcel service and will cost £5.40 up to the value of £60.00.
So if you have one block 12cm x 12cm the cost of the plate before VAT will be – £14.33
The cost of mounting type high – £7.20Total cost of block – £21.53 plus VAT £25.84If you have this split into 2 blocks add on 50p.If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line at